Group Evening Classes
Autumn 2020 classes will be taught online.

You’ll be taught by the same knowledgeable language tutors in real-time. It is personal, convenient, cost-effective and keeps you motivated with consistent reporting so that you can track your progress. Group sizes are small to allow for a tailored experience as well as increased engagement with group members.

French classes

Book Improver (Tuesdays)

Spanish classes

Book Beginner (Tuesdays)

Book Improver (Mondays)

German classes

Book Beginner (Thursdays)

Book Improver (Wednesdays)

Book Intermediate (Mondays)

Italian classes

Book Improver (Mondays)

Mandarin classes

Book Improver (Tuesdays)

English IELTS exam preparation classes

Book IELTS (Mondays and Wednesdays)


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